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What prizes were the Romanian crews awarded in the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta up to now?

What prizes were the Romanian crews awarded in the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta up to now?

Romania participates in the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta with two sailing ships: Class A Mircea and Class B Adornate. You can come aboard both vessels for free between 24 and 27 May 2014. But until then, just see what prizes they won.

Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta is a sailing ships competition taking place on the Black Sea. The first race of the competition took place from Varna Port (Bulgaria) to Novorossiysk Port (Russia), with one of the prizes being brought home, as Adornate performed very well.

In the Class B ships competition, the winners were:

First – Adornate (Romania);

Second – Bodrum (Turkey);

Third – Johanna Lucretia (Great Britain).

Also, several sports competitions dedicated to crew members are organized in each port where the ships land. Brig Mircea was awarded the prize for the best sporting contribution in Novorossiysk Port.

From Novorossiysk all ships slowly sailed off to Sochi (Russia) for the beginning of the second and last race of the Regatta. From Sochi, the sailing ships began their journey to Constanța but not before participating in a prize awarding festivity, a crews parade and, of course, some sporting games between the crews.

In Sochi we distinguished ourselves by winning some more prizes. For instance, Mircea was awarded the prize for the best crew parade among all competitor Class A ships. Adornate was not far behind, since the second Romanian sailing ship won the same prize. The difference is Adornate competed against all ships from Classes B, C and D. Romania practically had the most beautiful sailing crews in Sochi.

Bringing the discussion back to the sporting competitions, brig Mircea won two first prizes, one in mini-football, the other in skandenberg. Congrats to our crews! We are very proud of you!

Now we are only waiting for all our sailing ships to reach Constanța. Between 24 and 27 May you can come aboard the 13 competition ships for free, having the chance to congratulate the Romanian sailors for their performances so far.

Photo: Cristian Vasile

The main partners of the event are EximBank, Pepsi-Cola and the Vega Hotel.

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