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A series of stamps depicting “Mircea” training vessel will be issued

A series of stamps depicting “Mircea” training vessel will be issued

Brig “Mircea” is one of the two Romanian sailing ships that took part in the 2014 Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta. You can come for free aboard the brig “Mircea”, as well as other impressive sailing ships, between 24 and 27 May 2014 in Constanța Port.

15 May 2014 was the 75th anniversary since “Mircea” training vessel became part of the Romanian Navy. Romfilatelia decided to issue special stamps to honour the event.

The anniversary of the Romanian Navy’s flagship will be solemnly celebrated within the largest Black Sea regatta, SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta. Constanța Municipality is proud to host its final part between 24 and 27 May 2014, after the entire fleet had been sailing on the Varna – Novorossiysk – Soci – Constanța route.

The creation of a topical stamp issue dedicated to this anniversary moment is one of the international events promoted by Romania as an imagery chronicle having both past and contemporary relevance.

Also, the laced block for this stamp issue illustrates the launching of the “Mircea” training vessel in the autumn of 1938 at the “Blohm und Voss” shipyard in Hamburg, with the bowsprit showing the painted wooden-carved bust of Wallachian ruler Mircea cel Bătrân (Mircea the Elder).

The stamp issue is accompanied by a special product, a philatelic album in limited edition with an artistic and commemorative value, issued at an outstanding graphic quality, all these features making it both unique and exclusive.

As of Saturday, 24 May 2014, the stamps dedicated to the 75th anniversary of “Mircea” training vessel will be issued and available for sale in all Romfilatelia shops from Romania.

For philatelic lovers, the “first day” stamp, that is 24 May in Constanța, can be purchased from Post Office no. 1 from Constanța.

The main partners of the event are EximBank, Pepsi-Cola and the Vega Hotel.

Nava Scoala Mircea

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