September 8th - 11th, 2016 in Port Constanta

Ships Arrival and Opening Ceremony [Day 1]


We couldn’t let the Regatta be forgotten, that’s why we have decided to write this story. Here we are on Day 1. If after reading this you still have anything else to add, please leave a comment.

We started our story with Day 0. Or, in other words, the moment when the Romanian ships departed to Varna for the beginning of a beautiful experience at sea. We continue with the first festival day in Constanţa, that is the day when our ships returned and the public could visit them.

On May 24th, in the morning, the ships reached the port and the first curious tourists arrived. At the same time the first photographers came and took advantage of the sight offered by the ships entering the port.

The opening ceremony followed, and every ship put up their Public Visits program so that the sailors could show the first Romanian tourists how the tall ships looked and, basically, where they had lived for a whole month, during the Regatta.

It was the first event of this kind in Romania, but people quickly embraced the idea of having the most impressive tall ships in the world in their country and came in great numbers even on the first day. They stayed for the evening events too, when Antonia and Holograf thrilled people of all ages on the stage of the opening ceremony that had been transformed into a concert stage.

To be continued (Day 2). Read all about it here.

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