September 8th - 11th, 2016 in Port Constanta

Step aboard

inscriere cadeti

The main goal of the event’s organisers is to educate and train the youth with the aid of sailing activities. Besides offering the opportunity to delight in the glorious sight of the participating boats and the celebrations they occasion in every port, Sail Training International also offers a few trainee places. Simply put, if you want to learn to become a sailor, this could be your shot! You can come aboard one of the tall ships and join her crew for a couple of days.

Your participation includes both the “sail training” course (that is, learning sailing rules as well as involvement in all boat activities), and actual involvement alongside the participating crews in the competition, such as the tall ship parade, the fun of parties aboard, as well as welcoming guests aboard the boat you’re training on.

If you wish to step aboard one of the tall ships for a couple of days to learn to become a sailor, press the red button below and learn more on the sail training courses.


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