September 8th - 11th, 2016 in Port Constanta

The greatest fireworks in Constanţa [Day 3]


Monday, May 26th was dedicated entirely to visitors. The crews paid special attention to the visiting tourists.

In case you haven’t read about day 2, you find it all written here, the stories about day 1 are here, and this is what we had to say about day 0.

Monday started as usual, at 10:00 am, according to schedule. The crews paid special attention to the visiting tourists because that was the Regatta’s last day. Between 10:00 am and 08:00 pm visitors could see how the decks of all ships looked like and they listened to the crews’ stories about their adventures at sea.

At 08:00 pm everyone enjoyed an extraordinary Vega Band concert, followed by Moonlight Breakfast around 09:00 pm, who sang until late at night when the organizers offered the greatest and most spectacular fireworks in Constanţa for the visitors. The public was delighted, and the numerous photos and videos posted on the Internet after the event confirmed this.

To be continued (Day 4). Read all about it here.

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