September 8th - 11th, 2016 in Port Constanta

Departure to Varna [Day 0]


The Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta is not over yet. In fact, it will never be over, as we will always have some new stories to add, some new things to tell or some new images to show.

When you take part in such a large-scale event, the fond memories will always stay with you, and you can’t help but share them with others.

Thus, we have decided to write a series of articles on the Regatta. We want to preserve here everything the Regatta has meant to us, from the setting sail to Varna until the return to Constanța. From the first breakfast with the crew until the shaking of hands while wishing the sailors good tailwind! We have photos, video material, and written words will follow.

29 April was the Regatta’s opening day for the Romanian crews. At 6:00 am they started preparing the two tall ships, i.e. Adornate and Mircea, then at 9:00 am both vessels were ready to meet the public before setting sail. They were about to be away from home for a month or so, and there could not be a happy departure without a proper goodbye.

And they set sail! Cadets filled with the emotions of their first sea adventure, and the experienced sailors filled with the emotions of another competition. The weather was good all along the route (10 hours) to Varna and we took the chance to take photos of the two ships from a helicopter.

We were received very well in Varna, and were awarded some prizes while there: 3 for Mircea training vessel – first place in tug of war, second place in football for Mircea 1 team and first place in football for Mircea 2 team. The football final was between two Romanian teams, both belonging to the same tall ship. The Adornate crew was not far behind. It came out third in 2-mile paddle racing. In spite of all these contests, the boys had enough time and energy to look impeccable for the crews’ parade and to welcome visitors aboard.

After the three days spent in Varna, the official competition began for all the ships enrolled, starting the race towards Novorossiysk Port (Russia). But we will resume the story on the race to Novorossiysk and the days we spent there in another article. Until then, we have some other materials put together by the Regatta’s official bloggers: you can see a picture report from Adornate on its journey to Varna and also a video with the ships setting sail from Constanța and reaching Varna.

To be continued (Day 1). Read all about it here.

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