September 8th - 11th, 2016 in Port Constanta

Crews’ Parade and Award Ceremony [Day 2]


We continue with our Regatta stories about Sunday, May 25th. Even if it was the busiest day in the program, it was also the most beautiful.

You can read about the arrival of the ships in the port (day 1) here, and about day 0 (or the departure to Varna) here. On the second Regatta day, the tall ships could be visited from morning till evening, depending on the program established by crew members of every ship.

The public visits started at 10:00 am, along with the sports contests between crews, that entertained not only the public, but also the participants.

Around 2:00 pm the sports contests were over and the crews were granted some rest time to prepare for the 5:00 pm Crews’ Parade. For the Parade the crews marched from Gate 2 (the location of the tall ships) to the Constanţa City Hall Park (where another stage was set for the award ceremony).

The award ceremony was a joyful moment for everyone because every tall ship won an award for something. The Romanian crews were as good as it gets and were awarded the following prizes:

Mircea – best Class A ship in crew parade, best use of social media (won by cadet Dora Elena Simion), first place in tug of war (or rope pulling) and first place in relay racing;

Adornate – third place in the second Class B tall ships race (after ranking first in the first race) and second place in paddle racing.

The list of other prizes can be seen here.

The day went on back in the Port, where people from Constanţa (but also tourists) had the opportunity to enjoy a Vega Band concert and a Direcţia 5 & Alexandra Ungureanu concert.

To be continued (Day 3). Read all about it here.

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